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Finally, I managed to get some time to work on the book again. When I last left it late December, the book structure and base was complete, but its content was missing. This is what I did so far:

Excerpt from the book

For now, I am using the book as an eclectic “dumping ground” for all the things I found interesting over the years. This means that it is getting filled with blog posts, short documents and large swathes of my review paper.

The gracious conditions of the open access license of my review paper means that I can include most of that paper in other work (with proper attribution). That meant that a large section on data corrections can be largely lifted from that work without running into self-plagiarism issues. I must commend the Journal of Physics for using a true open access license (CC-BY) and being clear about it. Apropos, I was completely happy with the handling by J. Phys, which is saying a lot!.

So with that, my book page numbering shot up into the high sixties (though I still have not included many paper sections yet). Next came the blog posts. I think I managed to include four blog posts so far, and two documents on background subtractions.

As such, it is now becoming a nice collection of my favourite blog posts as well. Naturally, the writing style between the paper sections and the blog post sections completely differs. Furthermore, there are sections in the blog posts which are also briefly touched upon in the paper sections.

This means there is unification and rewriting on the horizon to make the book more homogeneous in style and consistent in topic. That is for the future, but for now, take a look at the 92 now-only-half-empty pages of the book!

For those who wish to contribute, that is exactly what the version control system is for!

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