New video online- presenting observability

Dear readers,

First of all, a merry end-of-year thingie (insert name here) to all of you.

Last week, I presented a short 15-minute talk at the MRS-J conference in Yokohama. While it was a nice opportunity to present and meet people, it is a relatively small conference. With that in mind, I decided to re-record the presentation and post in online so you can take what you want from it. I was slightly ill when re-recording so the edit is a bit choppy (after removing the sneezes).

It is available on Youtube here (and embedded below). Please leave comments and/or thumbs up if you like, and follow me on twitter @drheaddamage if you want to hear more ramblings from this side.

Lastly, the next video definitely should be a custom one explaining the monte-carlo method we’ve developed referred to in the video.

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