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Ok, so I’ve been on holiday and haven’t updated the site in a while. My apologies for that.. I’ve been looking at some presentations from other groups and other organisations, and I see some very inspiring stuff there. Here’s what I’ve stumbled across in general: The TED talks are a collection of talks on a broad range of topics that have to do with technology. The talks can provide a nice bit of background information on interesting stuff besides one’s thesis topic. One can find, for example, excellent presentations on The mindThe Cassini-Huygens missionElectroshock therapyThe end of the world, and Copyright.   A good friend has posted about a new site that aims to provide video tutorials to some of the (often poorly documented with a limited UI) academic software out there: Screencasts for scientists. – November 15th, 2007I’ll post more individual videos as I come across them. Off course, SciVeeYoutube and Google Video cannot be absent from this list. B. 

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