Conference plan and a new poster…

A day later than planned, but here’s another post.

I am planning to speak at the TMS Magnesium Workshop Madrid 2013, some time during the conference lasting from May 21 to May 25. During this conference I will be focusing on the results we obtained for ex-situ and the preliminary in-situ results studying the growth of precipitates in MgZn alloys. Naturally, I will be heavily plugging SAXS and the MC analysis methods. If you are in Madrid or at the conference at that time and want to meet, please leave a message.

Secondly, For a recent conference I had the chance to make another poster… It has been a while since I posted any posters on this site, so if you want to get an idea what they look like these days, take a look here. The design is still a bit full of text but in a font large enough to read. Additionally, the text is laid out in a newspaper column-format to make it easier on the eye to move from the end of one line to the beginning of the next line (some info here). The whitespace at the right-hand side should make it easier to distinguish the section headers, and given that this poster was presented in Japan, where comics are read from right to left, this poster has section headers rightmost, followed by an image left of the header, and then two columns of text (which are read left-to-right, unfortunately breaking the mould). The introduction and conclusion section is typeset to a larger font as this is what most people are interested in, and the authors and affiliations is at the bottom (because that is what people should remember at the end). The space at the bottom should contain my business cards in a pocket so people can grab one if I am not around. Lastly, the background is meant to appeal at large distance for its colour, but set to a transparency which does not hinder reading at close distances.

Despite these considerations, the poster has not enjoyed much success, so for the next one I may employ a different style.


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