saxsfit software with documentation, fitting function examples and example data

Hi all,

I have made some new software available on the “software” page. This is the saxsfit (yes, terrible name, I know) routine I normally use for fitting SAXS curves to model functions. Nothing special, except that it can also deal with (time)series quite nicely. Also there is documentation for some of the packages. I hope to have the documentation complete for all packages in the future, but for now is still a work-in-progress. Next time, a Monte-Carlo fitting routine, which should come complete with introductory Youtube movie!




  1. Hi!

    I would like to use your software for fitting some colloidal particles.
    Where should I go to get the software?

    Thanks in advance


  2. Hello

    I would like to use your software to analyse some particles.
    Where should I go to get the software?

    Thank you in advance


  3. Dear Mohamed,

    I would recommend you use SASFit or McSAS instead, depending on your needs. SASFit is a classical fitting program and can be downloaded from here. McSAS is a monte-carlo approach, particularly suitable for determining size distributions, and can be obtained from here.

    Good luck!

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