Random Dense packing of spheroids (potatoes). Image K9152-1: US Agricultural Research Service (no copyright).

Intensity in density

2014-06-30 Brian Pauw 1

A few weeks ago, a dataset landed on my desk from a very dense system: scattering from dry, packed SiO2 nanoparticle powder. Dense systems add […]

Close-up of the effect of data correction

12 corrections in a row

2014-04-07 Brian Pauw 0

Just a couple of housekeeping notes: I’m giving talks in Europe in a month at the following locations: Unité Matériaux et Transformations (UMET), Lille on […]

No Image

Monte-Carlo: now in 2D!

2013-03-18 Brian 1

Small-angle scattering analysis has never been easy for those working with oriented nanostructures (e.g. fibres, processed polymers, rolled metal alloys), whose structure may lead to […]