Review of “Carbon Fibers”

I am on holiday, these entries were generated in advance. I cannot respond to e-mail whilst abroad.

I stumbled across this fairly short (only 9 pages) review of research done on the microstructure of carbon fibres. It has a nice overview figure relating the tensile strength to the tensile modulus for many high-performance fibres.

Thus, it is easily seen that PPTA fibres has a similar strength to modulus ratio as glass fibres, whilst it is slightly stronger. PAN(Poly-Acrylo Nitrile)-based carbon fibres on the other hand span the lower regions, stretching a little more than the PPTA fibres do under stress.

I myself also compiled a table showing this, which contains a few more fibre types, but I’ll compile a convenient image out of the data as soon as I have any idea in what illustration package I’ll make it.

Anyway, the article offers much insight into the applied techniques for the determination of the microstructure of Carbon fibres and thus offers a little guidance for me and my project, as it might for others.

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