SAXS signal (dots with error bars) and fit (solid line) observed when HPT-processing MgZn alloys. Right: associated size distributions as determined by McSAS.

Twists and turns

2014-10-13 Brian Pauw 1

We couldn’t help but look at some more Mg-Zn alloys since our last paper. In particular, we have been looking at what happens to the […]


Green catalysts from pigs!

2013-10-07 Brian 0

This news has also been covered by Birmingham University, Martin Hollamby and The Schnepp Group, and may appear in other news outlets soon. [update: like at,, the […]

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Monte-Carlo: now in 2D!

2013-03-18 Brian 1

Small-angle scattering analysis has never been easy for those working with oriented nanostructures (e.g. fibres, processed polymers, rolled metal alloys), whose structure may lead to […]