… and broken already…

… the software release schedule, that is.
Sorry about this. I cannot provide any software at the moment because more work on debugging the program needed to be done at the last minute.

Providing people with buggy software is a sure-fire way to get them to chuck it in the trash right away. The Google way is always available, we could call it a Beta until eternity. However, the Google way has also upped the standards for Beta software, so we’d have to have a severely debugged program at the very least.

It looks like the 2D fitting function is both a little to slow for convenience and user experience, and a little too unstable. My recommendation would be to keep away from that for the time being, so probably it will only be available in the release for advanced users.

I would, however, like to have some input on the design of the meta-gui, the database software I was working on that could be used as a launcher for the SAXSGUI. Since it uses parts of the code written by Karsten Joensen, I need to discuss the release licensing terms first, and can therefore not provide you with a download-able copy right here, right now. I will, however, as soon as I can.
But perhaps you could give me some input on which fields should be present in a database sample display. So far I have the following fields:
– a centre calibration file (saxsgui)
– a q calibration file (saxsgui)
– a maskfile (saxsgui)
– a multi-line note field
– a primary beam intensity field (abs. intensity)
– a transmission field (abs. intensity)
– an electron density contrast field (abs. intensity)
– a volume field (abs. intensity)
– an autoprocess script file field (sasxgui)
It furthermore shows the resolution, filename and measurement time for each sample, for helping the recognition process.

My question to you is, what fields would you like to see in a database GUI? What information would make you recognise a sample faster? Would you like to see other things in this GUI?

Any input can be sent to me using the comments box below. With your help, this interface can become more useful for everyone. Thanks in advance.

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