It is the year that will be (2018 edition)

Where are we going? Image: CC0-licensed.
Where are we going? Image: CC0-licensed.

Welcome to 2018, my dear readers! Following the tradition set in the previous years, and besides my resolutions, here is a small overview of what is planned for the coming year:

Where are we going? Image: CC0-licensed.
Where are we going? Image: CC0.
  • SAS2018 conference: The big conference for small-angle scatterers is coming up again! I’ve participated one way or another since Oxford, and this year’ll hopefully be no different (funds permitting). It’ll be a blast seeing all of those far-flung colleagues once more!
  • instrument exploitation / collaboration: The MAUS is up and running and will be available to friendly users soon. The method to get up to a week of access will be mini-proposals; we ask for co-authorships in return. More on this instrument and the plans therewith in the next post!
  • and -development: With our new Ph.D. student and the future instrument scientist, we hope to develop our measurement, correction and analysis processes a bit further. This will include the development of various cool sample stages!
  • data correction implementation and testing: After preaching the verses, we now have to demonstrate we can walk the walk too!
  • USAXS testing: There is time in February for the coolest USAXS experiments ever, these will take place at the Diamond Light Source with our excellent colleagues from I22.
  • Software development: No year is complete without software development. We’re hoping to continue with the arbitrary structure calculation methods, which are not necessarily novel, but does form a convenient tool in our toolbox!
  • More activity on the ISO side: I’ve let this slip a bit over the last few months, but this is an important activity that does require some more attention and time.
  • Funding: Fingers crossed that we have access to external funding this year!
  • The “Secret” Project: By now, my “managerial” duties take up a considerable fraction of my time. Slow progress is made, and I hope to be able to write some outward-facing releases about the efforts this year.

Here’s hoping we can deliver on (enough of) our promises…

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