1. It’s a little hard to get to from here, but I will be webinaring it.

    It would be good to have a resource to explain (to me and my users!) individual steps and data manipulations to get from as-collected data through transmission correction, background removal, and everything else to get to analysis-ready data.

  2. Also, the software you refer to, is it available for general use? Using excel and doing manual calculations is starting to be a little annoying…

  3. Hello Matthew,

    The talk is now online here, but doesn’t discuss the individual corrections (as there are quite many of them). The “Everything SAXS”-paper discusses most of them, and the later “modular data corrections”-paper discusses a few more.

    The software which has the vast majority of corrections implemented at the moment is DAWN from the Diamond Light Source. It’s an open-source software package with a GUI, but with very little in the way of guidance. We can do a screen sharing session where I can explain where to find things. I can also send you a processing pipeline we use, so that you immediately have a decent correction sequence to start from.

    What you need for this to work is a NeXus file to start from

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