“Better with Scattering” – now with a parallel course at the Diamond Light Source!

"Lecture Hall" by Accretion Disc is licensed under CC BY 2.0
"Lecture Hall" by Accretion Disc is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Just a quick head’s up before the holidays: as I mentioned in the previous blog post, there will be two X-ray scattering courses running in parallel. One is our four-day “Better with Scattering” workshop from 16-19 March, and the second is a two-day “Basic Small Angle Scattering Training School” run by our colleagues at the Diamond Light Source from 17-18 March. Here’s a quick recap on some of the important items:

We will be sharing a video link between the two locations, and hope to time things right for several lectures to be shared between us. This is very much a proof-of-concept experiment, so if it does not work, we should have some prerecorded videos as a back-up. We will also try out an option for remote attendance to reach a wider audience with the lectures, fingers crossed that it will work.

The two courses are slightly different in content. As we have some extra days, we will be spending a bit more time on the introductory material and associated topics, we have some extra lectures on the application of X-ray scattering, and how such scattering experiments fit into materials science research projects. Additionally, we’ll have some extra time to help each participants get some initial analyses of their own data, in a slightly more relaxed and interactive schedule. This schedule is being prepared at the moment, and we’ll provide this as soon as we’re happy with it.

Do take note of the important dates, in particular sending us a quick e-mail ASAP, and we expect application forms to be in by January 10. Samples for measurements should be received by the end of January, so that we have sufficient time for measuring them to our standards. Also check out Diamond’s two-day offering, and see which one would suit you best.

As for the rest, have yourselves a good set of holidays, may they be relaxing and invigorating!

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