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I have moved the contents of the iWeb designed website to a WordPress one. Whilst WordPress does not look as fancy as the iWeb stuff did, it now does allow you, the viewers, to actively contribute by leaving comments!

In addition to that, posting has become a little more convenient and perhaps I can add a publicly accessible forum on a later date.

Leave your comments!

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  1. Hi,

    This will be my first comment on this site. YEAH!
    I am thrilled by this new option that I (the viewer) can actively attend creating this beautiful blog.

    I wondered a bit HOW to comment at first. Since everything has the same (beautiful by the way) collor, I did not find the way how to leave a comment so soon.

    Just click on a word comment below the text, and you will have the chance to attent too!!

    BTW, nice site Brian :)

    Greets from Holland and your brother,


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