Untapped potential

I think this weblog style communication has a lot of untapped potential. I am seriously considering the following:

– Opening a publicly accessible weblog on SAXS, where anyone can post anything he deems interesting for the rest of the readership to read/see/know. This would be significantly different from a forum in that it is not intended for too much discussion afterwards.
– Opening a private weblog in which I can discuss topics with my supervisors regarding my Ph.D. project. This way we can have communication outside of the standard fora, such as meetings and co.

What are your opinions on this? Leave a comment!

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  1. Do you think that enough people will participate in the public forum about SAXS, which is necessary to make it a success? I do not know how large the SAXS-specialists population is. The number of comments posted in this weblog doesn’t give the idea of a very vivid online community in this field. Or is this just a case that needs some marketing?

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