Data processing flowchart and news on an old publication

Short news first; by going through the motions and waiting for Elsevier to get back to me, I have gotten permission (for the royal sum of 0.00 eurodollars) to repost one more paper from Polymer on my site. So that has now gone in the 2010 publications page here.

Then it is time to give you something. For those who have to do their own data processing and would like to get my way of doing it, I have attached my data processing flowchart to this post. It is not a perfect method, but as far as I can tell it works quite well. If you are interested in getting the actual Python code that does all this work, drop me a line. Since the code is quite new, it does not support many strange detectors, so if support needs to be built for a particular detector, I’ll be happy to spend some of my time looking at whether it can be done.

So there:imp_imagecorrect_and_imgint. Let me know if there are improvements, obscurities or if you have any other comments on this.

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