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SASFIT software

2009-10-15 Brian 0

The famous question of the uninitiated in small-angle scattering is: “Do you have a bit of software which will give me an answer from my […]

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Interesting stuff

2007-12-20 Brian 0

Ok, so I’ve been on holiday and haven’t updated the site in a while. My apologies for that.. I’ve been looking at some presentations from other […]

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Article review – SAXS on mist.

2007-09-19 Brian 0

From the proceedings of the 2006 conference on SAXS, held in Kyoto, comes this article entitled “Small-angle X-ray scattering investigation of water droplets in mist” […]

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Coherent X-ray beams

2007-06-25 Brian 0

I am on holiday, these entries were generated in advance. I cannot respond to e-mail whilst abroad. Recently, more and more people have started talking […]

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2007-04-20 Brian 0

In 1999, a little before my time, an article was published by Miller et al. in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, which couples results […]