Holiday reading, watching and writing.

Hi all,

I found some interesting papers for you, and a talk. Let me start with the talk. It is a TED talk (naturally) concerning TED talks. This nice introspective talk is actually of interest for all of us as it gives a few pointers to the set-up of excellent (and terrible) talks, with a fascinating slide on the colours used to evoke certain responses from the audience. Funny and applicable to us to make our talks better (and we know we need it, right?). The talk is here.

Then there are some papers, two of which I found to be closely related to what I did. One paper discusses the stretching of voids in tensile experiments, simulating the 2D patterns with cylinders (but unfortunately not using a 2D fit, but 1D slices to arrive at a solution). That paper is here (yes, you have probably already read it since it is in j.appl.cryst., but just in case you have been too busy like me to read the table of contents…). Another one is similar, but I must admit I have not managed to completely read it yet. Looks interesting, though.

Also, it is not everyday you see a new geometry diffractometer being suggested. I wish these guys good luck in the further development of their diffractometer and I hope they publish some fantastic results when they get to it.

At the moment, I am trying to do a literature research (something I should have done much, much earlier) on in-situ particle growth studies using SAXS. I have come up with quite some references by now, but if you know an excellent study, do drop me a line at brian at stack dot nl, and I will be eternally grateful. If you are, on the other hand, interested in co-authoring a small review paper on the topic, I am always open to collaborate!

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