Better with Scattering 2021 – online introductory X-ray scattering workshop

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Dear all, it’s time again for our introductory Better with Scattering workshop, where we teach the basics of X-ray scattering and everything around it.

This year, it will be held fully online, but in a more interactive format than before. Furthermore, we have two participation tiers (both free):

  1. the Proof-of-Principle tier will have us measure a few of your samples on the MOUSE, so you have your own data to work with during and after the course. We will also go over your data and help you interpret it for your specific samples. This tier has resource limits, and the application deadline for this tier is the 2nd of October.
  2. The “casual” tier is for people who are interested in seeing the lectures and learning about X-ray scattering, but are fine with using example data.

More details are available on the official website here:

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