SAS2021/2 – going for remote attendance.

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While SAS2018 in the US was a blast, and (back then) I was very much looking forward to visiting Brazil in 2021, the situation has changed somewhat since then.

Given the dire environmental situation and my tiny significance within it, I decided I cannot justify flying across the world for a week of meeting the world’s most amazing colleagues in person. Alternatives are also virtually impossible: while I’d love to be able to sail across the Atlantic for the conference (and probably tack on an extended academic stay), that is not realistic either just yet. The biggest problem to that alternative is me not actually owning a sailing yacht (though I do have the licenses), secondly, I suspect my employer might take issue with the travel times involved.

Anyway, back to the point at hand, I hope to at least be giving a remote talk on the data analysis round robin results, the extended deadline for which is fast approaching (so join if you can). And if any of you ever happen to visit Europe, you can always drop me a line for a meet-up.

Lastly, I just want to emphasize these are my personal decisions and I’m not trying to virtue-signal here. Everyone should make up their own mind about what they can and should do. I will miss you all and hope you will have a wonderful time at SAS2021/2!

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