Presentation – how to run a (lab) SAXS instrument efficiently

Just in case you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel; I uploaded a presentation of mine which I presented at the 2022 SNI conference in Berlin. Actual title: “X-ray scattering for nanostructure quantification, and the quest for the perfect experiment” . For links and details, click “more” below..

In this presentation I talk about our holistic approach to X-ray scattering, and what improvements we made to our methodology to make measuring with us a very streamlined process. Most of this can be found as well in our recent tome:…

More information on the modular data correction sequence can be found here:…




Scicat: (we contributed pyscicat together with Sofya Laskina and Dylan McReynolds for a python interface to scicat)

Special thanks to Tim Snow, Ingo Bressler and Andy Smith for their continued contributions to – and support of – the methodology.

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