liquid sample holder and oven

A while ago I posted the raytraced design of a liquid sample holder that doubled as an oven. Here’s the picture of the final product, and I’ve been told it can even hold water (although solvents with a lower viscosity do leak through).  liquid sample holder and ovenFor those not familiar with this design, it contains a small amount of liquid between two thin mica plates separated by an o-ring. The thickness of the o-ring determines the pathlength. This was designed so that even for a small pathlength (i.e. 0.5 mm), an X-Ray beam with 1mm diameter could be used. At the bottom of the picture, an o-ring is visible, as well as two screws to tighten the device, and one piece of plastic intended for torque removal upon tightening (so that the windows are not affected by torque). The device goes up to 250 degrees when heat probes and a thermocouple are inserted.

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