Too difficult to present nicely?

There is a new TED presentation out there. And whilst this one is not necessarily superb (The presenter is a little out of touch with the audience, and apparently rather nervous: his jokes do not hit the mark), what is very impressive is the way he presents his topic.

The TED presentation in question is this one here. Go ahead, sit out the first minutes, and start enjoying. He shows a model of particle physics theory that would indicate the existence of extra particles. Now normally, this would be presented with an amazing amount of complex mathematics. Here, however, it is shown as smooth graphics, as he takes you from one-dimensional particle theory to an eight-dimensional graphical display, showing clearly missing particles as “gaps” in the plots.   

If anyone ever comes to me in the future complaining that they cannot present their topic in a way that makes it understandable to all, I will point them here and go “oh reeeeaaallly”. Be forewarned. It has now been demonstrated that even theoreticians working in the most abstract field can make their topic (partially) understood using some well-chosen graphics, and a good story to support it with. 

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