Data Analysis Round Robin: Presentation video online, and paper submitted

Vinten Model H 35mm film cine camera (cine camera)
Vinten Model H 35mm film cine camera (cine camera) by W Vinten is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

How much does the researcher affect the analysis of small-angle scattering data? To find out, we sent four corrected, ready-for-analysis datasets to participants, and investigated the results that came back. There’s two pieces of good news on that.

  1. After two review rounds between the participants, the paper has now been submitted to the journal, awaiting review.
  2. the preliminary results of this were presented last September at the SAS2022 conference in Brazil. That was recorded, which I’ve edited and uploaded to YouTube for your enjoyment here:

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  1. Data Analysis Round Robin available on the ArXiv – Looking At Nothing

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